A Few Ideas for Conversation Starters

Meeting new people and making new friends can be a challenge for anyone, but engaging in interesting conversations with strangers doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal. Most people have plenty to talk about; they just need a little encouragement to open up and begin to share with their new friends. While being a good listener can go a long way toward fostering relationships, the conversation starters can dramatically improve anyone’s conversational skills.

Talk About Music

Just about everyone loves music, and many a fantastic relationship is formed based on shared musical taste. Try asking about favorite bands, favorite albums, or even try something more in-depth like what three albums would be the person’s go-to if they were stranded on a desert island. Ask about new bands, genres, or even sound mediums like digital music, records, CDs, and tapes versus live music; it could even lead to future plans to go see a musical group that both people love.

Talk About Food

Everybody loves to eat, and a great many first conversations happen over dinner. Why not try asking about favorite and least favorite foods, or meal preferences such as buffets versus sit-down restaurants? Starting an in-depth conversation about food and dining preference is an innocuous way to begin finding things in common and even open up the possibility of grabbing dinner together in the future.

Talk About Life Goals

Everyone has a bucket list, and most people love to talk about their future life goals and past goals that they have already accomplished. Ask about what the person envisions for his or her future and what their priorities are, or take the conversation on a broader turn and ask about what changes the person would make to society or the community they live in. It can also be interesting to learn more about how a person’s goals have changed as they’ve grown older and begun to accomplish things that they’re already proud of.

Talk About Travel

In today’s increasingly globalized world, many people have traveled to other cities, states, or even countries. Asking about favorite places or places that the person would love to visit can give conversation partners a great place to start getting to know each other. Don’t be afraid to ask for stories and anecdotes, and try to keep the conversation natural and find common ground.