Stay Fit in Your Holiday: Running Trails in Milan

Milan is not only about nightlife, fashion and partying, but also of being fit, so if you know yourself to be a workout person, you’ll need to know that in your Milanese vacation, there are trails and parks in which you can exercise. And not only that the parks are abundant, but some of them are challenging and you can go up towards 500ft in altitude.

After landing, using the airport transfers in Milan and leaving your baggage at the hotel, you can really use some stretching from that grueling flight that can take hours. So grab your running gear and let’s see where we can work out in Milan.

Giardini Indro Montanelli

This garden is not only for the sake of the nature of quiet spots, but also nature converges itself into science. By saying this, you will run by the Planetarium and the Museum of History and you will know in this case what places to visit tomorrow. The park is smaller than the Central Park, and you can run around the perimeter of the park or on the tree-lined avenues in the park. A friendly reminder is not to go running late at night or else you will find yourself locked up in the park.

Sempione Park

Sempione Park is one of the largest parks in the city and you can run on all those hills and bridges without being disturbed. As a matter of fact, the park is a hotspot for runners and “staying-fit” enthusiasts. As an advice, morning and evening workouts are recommended in this park to avoid the afternoon buzzing.

Monte Stella

If you want to combine running and a little hill climbing, Monte Stella is the best choice in Milan. Going from bottom to the top of the hill will surely burn some calories in a 1.7-mile run. A multiple loop workout is recommended to get the proper results and this hill is also used as a training course for triathlon competitors as its very challenging for an urban running trail.

Naviglio Martesana

When you want to go hardcore on your run and leave some miles behind, you can run along the Naviglio Martesana River. It is the quietest location for runners and you won’t need headphones in order to get some peace and quiet. Marathon runners also use this track to train themselves. Be aware that the whole track stretches a whopping 24 miles long, so get prepared for a proper workout. To be advised, the track and the river runs parallel to the M2 line, so getting a train back to home in case you get tired is very easy.

Runners in Milan recommend running on this track especially in the spring, as the track is surrounded by trees and the blooming of flowers and trees will get you a proper workout and some fresh air into your lungs.

Milan has some awesome running track and quiet parks so when you’re sick of getting around town and need some peace and quiet, just grab your running gear and hit the dirt.