Travel Destination Wedding

Are you planning on having a destination wedding in some exotic local? Travel and destination wedding are becoming very hot right now and can be a lot of fun. At the same time they can make wedding planning a little trickier. For example what about your wedding favors for a travel destination wedding? Do you really want to try to stuff your suitcase with 250 to 500 wedding favors for guests to take home? This article will give some great ideas on ways you can maximize space and still have stellar wedding favors for your destination wedding all at the same time.

Think Local

Often travel destination weddings by nature take place in exotic and beautiful locations or locales. These beautiful spots often provide an abundant source of wedding favors. If you can find local delicacies, treats and specialty items that make great wedding favors you have solved your whole problem. You don’t even have to worry about how you are going to pack all the favors into your suitcase. Instead tap into the local marketplace and purchase your wedding favors for the guests once you are at the location.

Often if you do your research correctly you can easily find vendors that are willing to work with you ahead of time and have everything ready for you when you arrive. This will take some time before hand doing your research and contacting companies in advance. However, the internet has made this whole process pretty easy. You can do your searching for potential companies online using the wedding destination location in your search terms. Then simply find the contact information and make a few phone calls to arrange for the favors to be ready on the big day. Many merchants are very open to this and enjoy the extra business it brings them and will therefore go out of their way to help you. You can even ask them to delivery the favors to your hotel room or the site of the wedding reception.

A great example of this is if you are planning to have your wedding in Hawaii. This is a wonderfully romantic setting with lots of local color and specialty items. You can call companies ahead of time and arrange the favors to be made up and ready for you once you get there. Why not use some wonderful chocolate with macadamia nuts wedding favor? Another great idea is Kona coffee wedding favors. These are just a few ideas but they tap into the specialties of the local area where the wedding is going to take place.

These make great favors because your guests will take them home and in a few days have a wonderful memory of your wedding as they eat their macadamia nut chocolates or sip their Kona coffee.

Think Small

Another idea that can help with wedding favors for a destination wedding is to think small. There is no reason that you wedding favor has to be something big and bulky. As the saying goes, “Great things come in small packages”. So why not use this to your advantage when planning your favors and find things that are small. For example the a delicate box of small chocolate truffles or a wonderful handmade soap are two small items that can easily be packed. Another small item might me mint tins that are customized with your wedding date and details on it.

The important thing is to plan ahead and think small from the beginning.

Think Delivery

Another option if you can not find something that is small and do not like what is offered locally is to have your wedding favors shipped to the location ahead of time. Often you can ship to the hotel and have it waiting at the reception desk when you get there. This relieves you from having to pack extra packs and hauling your wedding favors through the airport which can be a huge pain.